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Shenzhen Kaisai electric motor Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in producing computer refueling machine, oil station management system and oil stations IC card management system, in the domestic gas equipment manufacturing industry reputation. The company was founded in 1991, is located in Shenzhen City, Luohu District beautiful scenery at the foot of Wutong Mountain, plant area of 8600 square meters, own assets of nearly 50000000 yuan, annual production capacity of filling machine 15000 (gun).

"Kaisai" has a first-class design team, to collect all kinds of machinery, electronics, computer software design talent in a body. Therefore, "Kaisai" each year to introduce a variety of new and refined products, to serve the users love. Kaisai on the function design of products, to meet the various requirements of users, place oneself in others'position for the sake of users; product design is the pursuit of the perfect visual effect, smooth lines, bright colors and three-dimensional sense of strong. Can say, every "Kaisai" products are available for appreciation of art. "Kaisai" has always been the focus on improvement of quality management system, has passed GB/T19001-1991, IDTISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, and "measurement assurance level two enterprise" certification. Safety of product reliability, stability, pursue unremittingly, perfect, almost reached fever pitch. "Kaisai" willing to provide after sale service class for you, as long as you want, whether it is sunny, rainy days, night or day, you only need to dial "Kaisai" for you to provide 24 hour service hotline, we will immediately rushed to your side, and service for you.

The company has technical equipment and advanced detection means, has a perfect system development ability, mechanical processing capacity, the equipment capability and efficient sales, after sale service network. The operation of the project includes mechanical processing, manufacturing, sales of CCPFPM. Refueling machine series product is divided into eight series, more than 80 kinds of models; products cover many industries, in addition to the ordinary refueling machine, is the production of automotive, marine tankers, tankers (military), mountain. In addition the company production equipment: gas station management system for oil station (KS2000I), IC card refueling system, oil station pipeline system KPS, oil and gas recovery system, liquid level meter; gas equipment repair and consulting services. At present, Cathay products has covered 18 provinces and cities in China, and 23 foreign countries, among them, the most famous customers as "Sinopec", followed by "oil", "super" "Esso" "Philippines National Petroleum", the company is gradually to the science, engineering, trade and integration of high-tech enterprise development.

Corporate philosophy: to do the best petroleum equipment suppliers China
Values: true life, carefully.
Talent concept: to do the right thing with the right people
Competition concept: to win the market will seek
Quality concept: there is no best, only better