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Refueling machine gun repeatedly open and close technology not to steal the oil

Release time:2014-07-26

Morning paper reporter  Zhang Yuxin reports  "Found; water meter and gas meter, electric energy meter does not go well, how should do?" , "refueling operator repeatedly open and close the gun, the number will make the actual gas reduction?" Aiming at the questions and doubts about the measurement met people in daily life, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision Zheng Guanghui yesterday one one to answer.

    At the beginning of this year some residents of the home electricity surge, caused widespread concern in society. Zheng Guanghui said, if found the water meter, gas meter, electric energy meter does not go well, can first put forward the verification requirements to the water and power supply, gas supply unit, and then jointly entrusted with the three departments, on-site verification verification institution authorized by the quality supervision bureau. If the field test and laboratory test is still controversial, bureau of quality and technical supervision of the parties to the dispute for arbitration to the local verification.

    In addition, there have been rumors, refueling operator through repeated opening and closing the gun, it can decrease the actual refueling effect. Zheng Guanghui has denied. "From the measuring instruments, can't be the case. Gas station refueling machine through the verification, not possible because change it artificially measurement parameters."