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The British "Voyager" refueling and "wind" GR4 fighter aircraft for aerial refueling flight test

Release time:2014-07-26

According to the British "flight international" website on July 5, 2011 reported: this year 11 month Britain "future strategic tanker aircraft" (FSTA) project will begin delivery, the current project has made important progress in fighting ability, ongoing flight test with A330 "Voyager" refueling and Royal Air Force GR4 fighter "wind".

The Airbus aircraft company says: "at the end of 6 and early 7, the two aircraft carried out a series of diurnal stem connection test, then will also carry out the" wet "connection test. In Perth 坎比頓 test base defense ministry is located in Wilt County, the latest round of tests provided by the qinettiq company support is being carried out.

The Airbus aircraft company says the test flight last used was "Voyager" Ke 巴姆 905E wing lift a hose - buoy refueling pod, flight envelope at the height of 3050 meters and 9144 meters between, at speeds of 462 km / hour and 600 km / hour.

"Future strategic tanker aircraft" (FSTA) project will be delivered 14 aircraft based on modified A330-200 gas transport, project funds from air refueling coalition recruitment of private capital, the first aircraft will start in the British Royal Air Force in November 1st, will be held on 2013 to replace the existing Lockheed Company "Samsung" refueling and Vic the company's VC-10 tanker. (Center for research and development of China aviation industry Li Miao)