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A less oil 5 liters of Hebei Weixian County and the "high-tech" cheating refueling machine

Release time:2014-07-26

Hebei Xingtai city electric network (reporter Yun Feng Gui Yong correspondent Zhang Huiwu) with a tanker, the inspection of law enforcement officers "polite" no problem, consumer refueling, it will count, less filling. Recently, refueling machine using the "high-tech" cheating technology by the Weixian County Quality Supervision Bureau law enforcement officers eye to see through.
  Recently, the Weixian County Bureau of quality and technical supervision has received consumer report, said the county a gas station are Quejinduanliang serious behavior. According to the number of consumers, the gas station refueling the inaccuracy of the measurement, spend the same money in another with the same type of gas station oil than with the gas station oil ran away much.
  Law enforcement officers immediately to the gas station refueling machine inspection, verification. However, according to the verification of normal, refueling machine measurement in the range of allowable error, no problem, look from the exterior tanker also not tampered with traces of investigation, once come to a deadlock.
  However, based on previous experience in handling cases, they conclude that it is gas station, but could not find the evidence. After a careful deployment, law enforcement officers masquerading as a plus passing vehicle refueling, refueling gun on hold, control the gas, then the tanker test using standard container. The results show, a oil less than 5 liters. Law enforcement officers immediately carried out spot checks on the gas station, to exceed the national standard refueling machine error quickly dismantling. Law enforcement officers in the 38 degree heat, after nearly 2 hours Perspiration came down like raindrops. struggle, finally will refueling machine motherboard, flow converter, dissection and line and other key parts of one point one point demolition inspection, something the size of a matchbox - analog oscillator found between flow converter and computer mainboard circuit.
  The facts in iron, gas station owners have to admit that the illegal facts are cheating the use of signal generator. They in the tanker non normal installation of the signal generator, and connect analog oscillator homemade. Use the remote control, to control the flow of. Through the adjustment of the signal generator of adjustable resistance, changing the oscillator frequency, so as to change the counter size. In the remote control on the "on" and "off" the two button, when law enforcement officers to check the time, they had to remote "off" button, refueling machine can accurately outflow amount. Law enforcement officers a walk, they pressed on the remote "start" button, refueling frequency will homemade analog oscillator changes, the counter size will change, resulting in oil did not increase, counter display flow can increase rapidly.
  According to the introduction, by using the device for maximum can give consumers 46.8% oil. At present, the gas station has been sealed.