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The first explosion-proof skid mounted gas station appeared Nanning oil station in case of fire, is not afraid of

Release time:2014-07-26

Recently, Nanning city public transport company first blocking explosion-proof skid mounted refueling device in Zhuxi bus station was formally completed and put into use.

  Explosion-proof skid mounted gas station is a set of tankers, blocking explosion-proof oil tank, the blocking explosion-proof oil gas recovery device and automatic fire extinguisher in one of the ground mobile refueling device, with fire and explosion prevention, safety and environmental protection, small footprint, easy migration etc.. The gas storage tank station through technological transformation, the blocking explosion-proof, when never encountered fire, static, impact accidents such as explosion, widely applicable to the bus station, port, airport, wharf, inside the large construction site, business gas station etc..

  Explosion-proof skid mounted gas station put into use, can also for 4 bus refueling vehicles, compared with the method of tank car flow of gas, greatly improve the gas efficiency. It is put into use, Nanning city public transport company to improve work efficiency and beneficial attempt to gas safety factor, will improve the bus fuel supply level in a certain extent.