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The first self-service gas station in Wuhan refueling card did not recognize the money.

Release time:2014-07-26

The gas card into the filling machine, press the number, you can go, this is very popular in foreign self-service gas station in Wuhan street.


       Yesterday morning, gas station to see in Xiongchu Street No. 259, Sinopec, roadside stands "preferential" self-service sign, every filling machines are close to the "IC card refueling" reminder, 8 refueling refueling in only one field duty. According to Sinopec Wuhan Petrochemical Company official responsible for the introduction, this is the city's first self-service gas station.

  At the scene, a vehicle tail number 01 car parking stall, the refueling card into the tanker, according to the number 222, and then lift up the oil gas (Figure). He added 30 liters of gasoline 93, a total of 222 yuan. Field staff on duty to see the skilled operation, without any prompting.

  Reporters at the gas station for 15 minutes, 9 trolley stops, only two cars on success, the reason is these owners without refueling card petrochemical, while cash here also temporarily unable to refuel.

  One owner told reporters: "I want a convenient map, did not expect trouble, can rely on the card." Another owner because the unit is the vice card can not recharge, had to find another gas station.

  The attendant said, self-service is common in USA, the gas station is a few days before the launch, but people are not used to. Now to the self-service, mainly surrounding some units of vehicles.

  Sinopec Wuhan Petroleum Company responsible person, Beijing, the domestic part of the city has been self-service gas station, Wuhan is the first, with the pilot nature, prepare a large area promotion. To encourage owners to self-service, specially preferential 5 cents per liter.

  As for cash and not to the oil phenomenon, the sources said, is preparing to upgrade the oiling machine, can also accept the card and cash refueling. In addition, the card is also very convenient, just a few minutes.